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Metamorphosis Therapy Group offers comprehensive therapy services for all areas including Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.

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Speech therapy services

Speech therapy addresses communication skills in a variety of areas, including- speech sounds (articulation/ phonological disorders, apraxia), fluency, language, voice, and social skills. Speech therapy can help kids learn to speak more clearly. This helps them feel more confident and less frustrated about speaking to others. Kids who have language issues can benefit socially, emotionally and academically from speech therapy. Learn More About Our Speech Therapy Program

Occupational therapy services

Occupational therapy addresses sensory concerns that may impact day to day activities such as eating a variety of foods or textures, tolerating certain touch, body awareness in space, and regulation behavior. Our occupational therapy services cover feeding therapy to handwriting skills! Learn More About Our Occupational Therapy Program

Physical therapy services

Coming Spring 2024! Now hiring!

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What we treat

  1. Stuttering

    Stuttering is a communication disorder characterized by disruptions or disfluencies in the normal flow of speech.

  2. Lisps

    A lisp is a type of articulation disorder that involves the mispronunciation of the sounds “s” and “z.” People with lisps may produce these sounds in an atypical manner.

  3. Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Speech/Language Developmental Strengths and Weaknesses including alternative communication system supports and readiness such as Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

  4. Language Disorders

    Comprehension of spoken language and ability to express wants and needs using age-appropriate vocabulary and sentences.

  5. Articulation Disorders

    Reduced overall intelligibility and speech clarity across multiple sounds or single sound errors (such as /r/ or “lisps”).

  6. Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders

    How the tongue moves independent of lips, jaw, and teeth while at rest and during movement. Often screened/assessed with articulation disorders.

  7. Reading Intervention / Dyslexia

    A language-rooted deficit in understanding and decoding letters to sounds that impacts spelling, reading, and written comprehension.

  8. Apraxia of Speech

    Suspected apraxia of speech is a motor-based evaluation across speech sounds and non-speech tasks (i.e. motor movements with the lips and tongue).

  9. Fluency Disorders

    Repeating sounds, words, or phrases, getting “stuck” in connected speech.

  10. Swallowing Disorders

    Ability to safely eat solids and drink liquids without aspiration or choking.

  11. Early Intervention

    Services focused on the birth to three population in the home or community based setting.


Client reviews

  • Kourtney W.

    We just love Ms. Jazmyne! Leland has made so much progress with her. We are so thankful for metamorphosis. Leland has trouble connecting with a lot of people but he works so well with her. Mrs. Jazmyne even made him his own special song which he expects every time she comes over. I feel that she really tries to customize our sessions to meet his needs and moods. This is an amazing program and we are so grateful that they are a part of our team.

  • Kailee W.

    This place has been sooo wonderful to us. My 2 year old son has truly blossomed while in this program. Saying more, and more confidence! The therapist is so helpful and nice- I would definitely recommend Metamorphosis!

  • Rosalyn C.

    My son absolutely love Metamorphosis Therapy! He has a great relationship with Shannon and looks forward to seeing Lisa. Each therapist there is super friendly and all kiddos seem to look forward to their appointments. Courtney is amazing! I can’t speak more highly of Metamorphosis’ team. Aeron has blossomed since he’s been part of their team. They are now family!

  • Leanna W.

    All of the staff have been SO helpful & flexible with us. My son loves his teachers & I love seeing the progress he makes every week! They are so patient with him, even on rough days!

  • Leslie V.

    So happy my child was referred by his pediatrician! The staff is very welcoming and so friendly. They have been so helpful, definitely teaching my son and I a lot!

  • Mellany C.

    My son absolutely loves Shannon and looks forward to seeing her every week! Such a fun environment and everyone is so welcoming and nice!

  • Jessica C.

    The progress we have noticed in our sons speech is amazing. He has been attending for 3 months and has gone from bi weekly sessions to once a week. Shannon is so great and patient with our child we couldn’t be more thankful.

  • Art & Gloria L.

    We love Metamorphosis! Teacher Saori has been a blessing to Luke. We’ve seen such a huge increase in Luke’s vocabulary. It’s been only a couple of months and saying words I didn’t even know he knew how to say! And trying to put sentences together already! I highly recommend Metamorphosis Therapy Group.

  • Metamorphosis accepts most major insurance providers.

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