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Experience transformative speech therapy in Visalia, where personalized approaches meet compassionate care to enhance your child's communication and voice.

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What we treat

We treat all speech issues for children in the Visalia area.



    Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Language Disorders

    Articulation Disorders

    Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders

    Reading Intervention / Dyslexia

    Apraxia of Speech

    Fluency Disorders

    Swallowing Disorders

    Early Intervention

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Meet our founder and learn about our why and what drives us professionally.

Our business is 100% local to Visalia and operated by our lead therapist.

Our staff has more than 50 years combined experience working in therapy.

We develop a unique therapy program for each patient to best address their needs.

We make our sessions fun and engaging and start with your child’s strengths.

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We develop a comprehensive assessment plan before your first appointment.

Our assessment allows us to hone in on your concerns for your child’s speech and language needs and get started in therapy right away.

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We offer multiple ways to get speech therapy services in Visalia.

Private pay

Major insurance plans

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If you are a resident of Visalia and need speech therapy services, Metamorphosis is here to help!

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