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Special Programs

Reading Groups

Caterpillar Phonemic Awareness Group (LiPS)

Pre-Kindergarten to First Grade

Did you know that early speech and language difficulties can significantly impact reading skills in later school years? The Lindamood Bell Phoneme Sequencing (LiPS) is the basis for this group. A research-validated program targeting the fundamental skills of literacy-phonemic awareness, decoding, encoding, blending, spelling, syllabication and articulation feedback. The multi-sensory approach is perfect for all learners but especially helpful for children with dyslexia or speech and language disorders. Lead by a seasoned Speech Language Pathologist, the group is hands-on and engaging, and includes materials for home-guided practice.

Available: Summer enrollment starting in March 2021 | Call for details!

Social Butterfly Group

Ages 5-7

Developing good social skills enables children to make their needs known, develop true friendships and negotiate conflict effectively! This group focuses on appropriate turn-taking during play and conversation, asking appropriate questions, cooperative play, group task completion, negotiating conflicts, perspective-taking and social inferencing skills.

Available: Summer enrollment starting in March 2021 | Call for details!

Monarch Reading Superstar Group

Second Grade - Third Grade

Children in this group will be working on fluency, sight words, listening and reading comprehension. The beginning of the week will focus on sight words and fluency simultaneously in isolation and written contexts, while the latter half of the session focuses on listening and reading comprehension including hands-on projects and activities that make learning fun and interactive! This group perfectly complements the Caterpillar Phonemic Awareness Group and supports language skills through literacy.

Available: Summer enrollment starting in March 2021 | Call for details!

Reading Intervention & Writing Composition Programs

Intensive Reading Intervention Program

Seventh Grade - 12th Grade

Taught by a master-level high school English teacher with consultation from a Speech-Language Pathologist, this intensive reading intervention program will focus on reading comprehension, vocabulary development, inferences from text, and summarizing skills. Small group instruction will assist your student to target the skills needed to be successful in Common Core, SBAC testing and develop fundamental skills for college. Students will divided by skill levels and be given pre-tests to assess skills prior to starting the program.

Includes home study to continue progress on skills taught during and after the program is complete.

Available: Summer enrollment starting in March 2021 | Call for details!

Intensive Writing Intervention Program

Seventh Grade - 12th Grade

Give your student the tools needed for a successful school year with an intensive program targeting writing skills with Common Core focus on informative, argumentative and narrative writing. Students will be able to decipher key words in writing prompts to appropriately convey comprehensive responses for assignments. Skills to support formulating cohesive papers and organizational strategies will be taught as the core value in this course, taught by a master level high school English teacher with support by a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Available: Summer enrollment starting in March 2021 | Call for details!

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